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Spaghettoni Pasta

spaghettoni_pasta_500gVery large sized pasta, although the cooking time is of only 9 minutes, obtained thanks to a micro-slit of 0.8 micron,  on cooking due to the fact that the pasta swells considerably the micro-slit closet, so that the pasta remains very rounded and tasty, even if chef makes a mistake with the cooking times. Given the size of this Spaghettoni pasta it is ideal for functions or for pre-cooking, as it means that it does not stick even if served hours after cooking, simply remove the product from the heat or re-heat it, or allow it to rest in a thermal pan, to be served outside the kitchen. This is the ideal pasta for rich meat or vegetable based sauces.

available in: 500g

Ricciolina Pasta

ricciolina_pasta_250gThis product is reminiscent of the pasta of the early 1900’s, which has now become only a memory of the older generation. It has been created for those that require well-defined taste. Thanks to the double quantity of wheat germ used, it is very different to the type of pasta that we generally eat today. The cooking time is of only 5 minutes, making it ideal for basic sauces, and even just with a sprinkling of oil, ideal for catering in which the cooking is undertaken with the greatest care and attention.

available in: 250g

Vialone Nano Rice

vialone_nano_rice_500gA round-grained rice that increases greatly in volume when cooked. It is ideal for fish or vegetables risottos, and for light salads. The rice is grown using traditional, eco-friendly methods, minimizing the use of chemicals as much as possible. The large grains thereby achieved undergo a light manufacturing process that does not remove the entire external shell (germ), leaving them rich in nutrients: more fiber, more aroma, more flavour, and more bite after cooking. Furthermore, the absolute purity of its variety is guaranteed: the label corresponds to the contents of the package.

available in: 500g

Carnaroli Rice

carnaroli_rice_500gCarnaroli superfine rice is a premier variety of high-quality Italian rice renowned for its big, round grains, superior nutritional qualities and outstanding gastronomic characteristics. Its grains, which triple in size during cooking, efficiently absorb flavourings and condiments while maintaining an extraordinary texture and consistency and, most importantly, will not overcook. In fact, this variety of rice is particularly suitable for rice salads and risottos, for which Carnaroli has a real penchant.

available in: 500g

Butter with Truffle

butter_with_truffleExcellent condiment for warm dishes, it infuses the truffle flavour to any recipe. Ideal with pasta, risotto, meat and eggs, potatoes or mushroom dishes. It can be used also as a tasty spread, delicious with salmon and tuna.

available in: 25g

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