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About Us

josh about-usAs head of sales for the Waimea Trading Group, Josh Rea combines his years of experience in sales and marketing with a love of fine food instilled in him from childhood.

Josh grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, the youngest of three boys in a family of four. His mother spent much of her early life in Europe and was educated at a Swiss finishing school, returning to Australia with a deep appreciation of European cuisine. His father was both a fishmonger and a baker, and from him Josh inherited an interest in fishing and the outdoors that extended to diving for crayfish and abalone. Together, his parents established a home with a large vegetable garden where the family enjoyed the delights of wonderful home cooked meals using the freshest ingredients.

On leaving Tasmania Josh lived in Melbourne for some years, working in sales and marketing, before moving to Sydney where he inevitably became involved in the gourmet food trade.

Josh has broad experience in the fine food market, having worked closely with leading Australian importers and wholesalers, and with numerous delicatessens, butchers, fishermen and fishmongers, farmers, renowned chefs and five star restaurants, and with people who are simply fine food fanatics.


Waimea Trading strongly believes in developing and encouraging relationships; relationships with our customers, our suppliers and even our competitors. Given that we have a great reputation for honouring our relationships, Waimea Trading has access to many rare and exclusive products:

  • We have the largest range of caviar available in Australia and we offer it at competitive prices. We currently import Wild Iranian and Caspian Sea caviar and Farmed French and Chinese.
  • Albino Beluga Caviar is a rare and unique product, only one in a million sturgeon are born albino and Waimea Trading are the first in Australia to supply a limited number of customers with this truly unique caviar.
  • We are recognised for supplying a paramount quality of fresh French, Italian and Australian mushrooms and truffles. We have also been known to import the best wild fresh French asparagus.
  • We supply La Amarilla de Ronda extra virgin olive oils that are used by Ferran Adria chef of El Bulli, the world’s No1 Restaurant.

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