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Virgin Hazelnut Oil

hazelnut_250ml_tinA L’Olivier hazelnut oil is made in our Poitou mill (southwest France) in much the same way as our walnut oil. It has the exquisite flavour of roast fruit and is mainly used a dressing for raw vegetables.

It goes particularly well with endive, avocado and tomato salad. We recommend combining it with mature wine or raspberry red wine vinegar. Thanks to its particular flavour, hazelnut oil is also used in patisserie.

available in: 250ml tin

Virgin Argan Oil

argan_oil_250mlVirgin Argan oil is extracted from the almond of the fruit of the Argan tree, which is a small thorny tree only found in the South West of Morocco (the Essaouira-Agadir region). Rare and precious, this oil has been recognised for centuries by the Berbers of the Atlas Mountains for its gastronomic, nutritional and cosmetic virtues. Our oil is extracted form the first pressing of lightly roasted shelled almonds and is then filtered.

Argan Oil can be used in cold or hot dishes and with savoury, seafood or sweet food. As a salad dressing, we recommend using it with lemon juice.

available in: 250ml tin

Haute-Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil

silver_250ml_tinsOur oil is obtained from three varieties: the Aglandau, which is the dominant variety, gives fruitiness and suppleness with its artichoke and almond flavours. The Tanche reinforces the perfume, and the Picholine gives character. The olives are harvested later here than at Aix en Provence and the fruit flavour is riper. It possesses an overall spiciness with a pleasant peppery aftertaste.

available in: 250ml tin

Australian Fresh Native Finger Limes

FingerlimesThe Australian Native Finger lime is easily the most fashionable and exciting citrus product currently available in the market, they are an exquisite fruit grown in the rainforests of Australia; they are also known as citrus caviar because of the fish roe like fruit pearls inside the finger lime.

The most important qualities of finger limes are taste, appearance of the pulp and texture of the skin. Finger limes are an excellent source of vitamin c and they are a great substitute for lemons and traditional non native limes.

Finger limes are commonly used in drinks, or with seafood, chicken and meat dishes. The trees generally fruit from December through to June, depending on weather conditions.

Availability and price of Native Finger Limes is subject to its seasonality, please contact Waimea Trading for more information.

Minimum order is 1kg

Wild Bear Garlic

wild bear garlic

Bear Garlic (also known as Ramsons or Wild Garlic) is a wild relative of Chives. Wild Bear Garlic has the same properties as garlic, but its medical potency is much greater.

Milder than garlic these leaves make a lovely addition to salads or chopped finely over soup, meat dishes, omlettes and sauces. The leaves melt down in volume when cooked, this results in a very mild flavour. Wild Bear Garlic is native to Western and Central Europe, the season is very short.

Availability and price of Wild Bear Garlic  is subject to its seasonality.

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