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Chilli infused Olive Oil

chilli_oil_250mlOne or two spoons of your favourite aromatic oil in soup, towards the end of cooking, will give it an original personal touch. You can also gently fry your vegetables with a little oil before adding the water or chicken stock.

available in: 250ml tin

Green Olives in Brine

green_olives_in_brineThe ‘Lucques’ is of Italian origin and is cultivated in the Aude. Harvested green, it is mostly used for conserves. This green, almond-shaped olive with generous and firm flesh is characterised by its nutty aroma.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray

glass_spray_-_olive_oilA L'Olivier new flask atomizer combines ease, beauty and the quality you expect from France's leading olive confectioner. Spray on the perfect dosage to oil a pan or flavor-finish fish, vegetables and pasta at your table and as you like it.

available in: 25ml glass spray bottle

Balsamic Vinegar spray


Modena Balsamic Vinegar is made according to an unusual method, involving the combination of old wine vinegar and concentrated grape must. After filtration, aging takes place in casks of precious wood. Although it is now most commonly used as a seasoning, we would also recommend it for deglazing meat and pan-fried vegetables

available in: 25ml glass spray bottle

Sun-dried tomato infused Olive Oil

sundried_tomato_250ml_tinWe use Sicilian sun-dried tomatoes to make this delicate oil. Just mix it with Basil and Garlic oil for an exceptional Provencal condiment (for use with vegetable risotto, seafood spaghetti, or Catalan tomato bread).

available in: 250ml tin

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