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Himalayan Pink Salt

himalayan_pink_salt_65gKewra salt mines are the biggest ones in the world in secondary age history. The mountain crystal salt is a special quality called Halite and contains almost all the oligomineral elements already present in the human body. This salt changes his specific colour upon its extraction site but keeps unaltered its structure. Perfect for all preparations.

available: 65g

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt Crystals

hawaiian_red_sea_salt_crystals_65gThe specific colour of this salt is due to purified argil that enriches it with minerals. In the Hawaiian tradition the salt is sun dried et then mixed with argil. Ideal for imposing a strong flavour to every single dish.

available in: 65g

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

hawaiian_black_sea_salt_70gBlack sea salt from Molokai Island, Hawaii. This black sea salt, treated by the fishermen of the Hawaii island, is rich of mineral elements of volcanic origin added to the salt during drying period. Essential for elaborate dishes and high culinary level.

available in: 70g

Fior di Salt from Sicily

fior_di_salt_from_sicily_60gThis sea-salt is hand-gathered at the salt-pans from Sicily in Italy, following the age-old method traditionally used by the local craftsmen. It is allowed to dry in the sun and wind. It is obtained without using chemical products so that it retains its natural magnesium and calcium content as well as other trace elements. “Fior di sale” has a characteristically fine and light crystalline texture. It is an excellent-quality naturally white salt and is very rare. Not having been washed, all its natural richness is preserved in full. It is recommended for highlighting the flavours of vegetables, crudités, seafood and grilled food.

available in: 60g

Danish Smoked Sea Salt

danish_smoked_sea_salt_70gThe crispy sea salt flakes are reaped on the Danish coasts. This salt obtains this colour and its light smoke scent thanks to a slow drying process on oak wood fire. Ideal with game and grilled or stewed meats.

available in: 70g

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