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Old Fashioned Mustard

old_fashioned_mustard_200gThis is true mustard, made according to traditional - nothing more than mustard, cider vinegar, water and salt - the ideal accompaniment for classic dishes and salads.

available in: 200g

Dried Tomato Paste in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

dried_tomato_paste_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_185gThis speciality is made by selecting the best tomatoes, picked at the peak of ripeness. They are first washed and cut up into pieces and the seeds are removed, and then they are allowed to dry slowly in the sun on mats inside greenhouses. They are subsequently salted and flavoured with the typical herbs of the Liguria region and lastly finely chopped and preserved in extra-virgin olive oil. The result is an exquisite-tasting uniformly creamy paste. It is a natural product and contains no preservatives. It can be served with hors d’oeuvres or used to enrich any dish.

available in: 185g

Capers Creme in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

capers_creme_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_190gIt's an appetizing starter naturally prepared with the excellent capers of Pantelleria according to the traditional island's recipe. It's an excellent sauce to dress first courses and tasty canapés and to add and to create others sauces and condiments at choice.

available in: 180g

Black Taggiasca Olive Paste in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

black_taggiasca_olive_paste_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_185gIt is produced with pickled black olives and aromatized with the flavours of our Riviera. The drupes are separated from the stones and their pulp is finely ground: adding extra virgin olive oil it becomes pasty and creamy. Fit to prepare appetizers, canapés and snacks: it is the ideal dressing for spaghetti.

available in: 185g

Artichoke Creme in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

artichoke_creme_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_180gThis specialty is prepared only with the best, most tender and tasty artichokes. A delicate cream that will give extra taste to your canapés and snacks and will surprise you as sauce for pasta and rice.

available in: 190g

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