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Farmed Albino Beluga

Waimea Trading are the first to import this rare Albino Beluga caviar into Australia.

This is the rarest and most cherished of all sturgeons, as an Albino sturgeon only comes along once in a blue moon. The taste and texture of Albino Beluga caviar is exactly the same as Beluga caviar; the ‘berries’ are large with a soft texture that are heavy and ripe and the taste is soft, buttery and delicate. The only difference between Beluga and Albino Beluga caviar is the colour of the ‘berries’; they are light beige to off-white to pearlescent in colour.

Available in 30g, 50g, 125g, and 250g tins. 
There is a limited supply of Albino Beluga caviar.

Farmed Beluga

ja belugaOur farmed Chinese caviar comes from a fresh water reservoir, approximately 50,000 hectares in size primarily used as a source of drinking water. Beluga caviar is the most prestigious of the caviars’. This is because Beluga is the largest species of sturgeon; they grow up to 30 feet long and weigh up to 3,300pounds. The female Beluga does not mature to produce roe for 18 to 20 years, although they can live for 100 years. The Beluga’s scarcity makes it a very rare and exquisite treat. The ‘berries’ of the Beluga are the most fragile of the caviar grades, and the largest (3mm to 4mm diameter), they are soft in texture, heavy and ripe, and range from pale silver to pearl grey to black in colour. The taste is soft, buttery and delicate. Our caviar is also preserved in first grade salt from Russia making the taste mild yet mouth watering.

Available in 30g, 50g and 125g tins

Wild Caspian Sevruga

Sevruga is the youngest of the sturgeon and therefore produces a more rich and full-bodied caviar. Sevruga caviar are the smallest and most firm of the ‘berries’, they are deep black in colour and have a very smooth and lively taste.

Available in 30g and 50g tins

Wild Caspian Ascetra

Asetra caviar does not produce as firm a ‘berry’ as the Imperial Asetra; this is due to the maturity of the sturgeon as the Asetra is slightly younger than the Imperial Asetra. However, this is not to say the taste is any less exquisite. The Asetra caviar boasts a smooth nutty flavour and the ‘berries’ have a gentle pop, this delicate flavour pairs well with Champagne, Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

Available in 30g and 50g tins. Other tin sizes available on request.

Wild Caspian Imperial Ascetra

Classic caviar originates in the Caspian Sea; some say the caviar that comes from the Caspian Sea is the best in the world. The Caspian Sea is a large saltwater lake between Russia and Iran, the sea bed descends to several hundred meters offering the bottom-dwelling sturgeon vast areas of rich nutrition, as well as the sandy bottom and steady current the species prefer. The Imperial Asetra caviar is the firmest of the Asetra and is comparable to the quality of Beluga. It is intensely nutty (hazelnut), and has a silkier, melts-in-your-mouth texture. The eggs can be golden yellow to brownish in colour and are of medium size (about 3mm diameter).

Available in 30g and 50g tins. Other tin sizes available on request.

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